The Connection
A 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Life Coaching service.

The Connection has  a focus helping those who grieve. A special focus  is with those who have children (of any age) who have passed away. And, a focus with those who have had a spouse pass away.

In addition, The Connection has a special focus of providing Mental Health Life Coaching for students in grades 6 through 14 and their families. There is a fee for mental health coaching. 

Sam also provides a separate professional mediation (conflict resolution) program .  There is  a fee for mediation

TIME magazine estimates that 50 million people are experiencing grief and many of those are stuck or are having toxic thoughts about their grief.

Grief happens when we
have the loss of a loved-one or
our health,
income, life style.
Grief happens with a long-term disability of self or family member.
Grief often happens when we have
compassion exhaustion or survivors' guilt.

The Connection is  customized,  providing guidance to help you experience healthy grieving as you "walk through the valley". It is not is Life Coaching.

It is not designed to avoid grief and is not designed to forget your loved-one. It is a customized Life Coaching plan to restore your life.

The Connection grief life coaching  has no fees and is supported through donations.
The Connection uses the internet, telephone, and zoom, so were you and the Life Coach live is not a factor.

The Grief Life Coaching provided by The Connection is based upon the Bible, 2000 year-old scripture now proven by science, that prophesied our ability to transform our minds and  thoughts with the power of God.


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