What If I Am Not A Christian?

You may be one of the many who say, "I think I need Grief Life Coaching" but I am not a Christian. The Connection respects your right to decline the reading of scripture during your coaching experience.  The principles on which The Conne ction operates are from the Bible.  In order for Grief Life Coaching to be successful, all of us must be honest with one-another and in full disclosure.  In Life Coaching the participant is in charge of what he or she accepts.  It is the desire of your Life Coach that the process will guide you to a closer walk with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  However, the coach will not attempt to force any belief system on you.
What is done in the Connection Grief Life Coaching are proven principles that have been of benefit to many different faiths.

Your coach is very open to discuss your thoughts, questions, and concerns about these things.

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