What Will You Discover?

The Customized program will help you discover.........................

Reality vs. myths about heartbreak, grief and loss,
where you are in the stages of grief and how to move forward,
identify triggers and situations where grief occurs,
how to overcome faulty thinking,
how to respond to those who think what they say is helpful but is not,
healing power of words from scripture and other resources,
how to forgive yourself and others, and so much more.

Remember, The Connection would never try to keep you from grieving, that would not be healthy.
The Connection wants to guide you through the "valley" on a healthy path.

Why Coaching and not counseling?

We believe that most grief sufferers are  mentally healthy and do not  have a clinical diagnosis.  However, we also believe most grief sufferers find themselves ill-equipped to deal with the inevitable losses of life.  Grief Life Coaching can fill that need.  During Life Coaching, if we discover that a client or prospective client is in need of therapy, a referral will be made.

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