How To Know I Need a Grief Life Coach

I need a Grief Life Coach when my loss is no longer immediate, but my...

thoughts keep drifting back to who or what was lost, and those thoughts  keep me from thinking about the present or future,
feelings so drain me that I lack the energy to take care of daily needs,
emotional pain sometimes controls my life.
life is so isolated,
feelings tell me I am powerless,
feelings tell me I will never feel better,
friends are never told about my fears, sadness, and "so alone"  feelings,
thoughts tell me that "completing" my grief is disrespectful to my loved one,
logic tells me I need some help.

The Good News Is:
You are not broken.
But you do need to consider Grief Life Coaching.

You may have faith, belief, and hope,,,,and still have pain, fear, and struggle with your unbelief.  Mark 9:24

Life Coaching is not therapy. It does not provide a mental health diagnosis.  It is not legal, financial, or medical recommendations.    Grief Life Coaching is a customized plan where the coach guides  as you "walk through the valley".

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