The Connection consist of two separate divisions.  One is a grief ministry  program. The other division of The Connection is fee based  mediation or mental health coaching. All services of The Connection are part of the 501(c)3  life coaching organization.
His mediation service is part of the Life Coaching program.

Mediations with Sam Timbrook are non-judgemental client focused experiences that can empower individuals, families, schools, churches, and other organizations to resolve conflicts with the best possible outcome. His mediations are designed to save and strengthen relationships where ever possible .  SamTimbrook is a professionally trained mediator having obtained the status of training others to mediate.   His transformational approach will guide each participant to "get heard, get healed and get back to life".  Mediations are done on location throughout the state of Missouri as well as using technology for multiple-site locations.  Sam is a recognized mediator for many organizations including DESE, various religious denominations and community groups.  Contact Sam at 573-881-0031 or [email protected] .  You may also click the request page

There are times when divorce  happens. Mediation is so important at these times.  Sam guides those who need a parenting plan or want to come to agreements on many issues affecting the marriage and/or family before a couple enlist attorney(s). These mediation sessions are non-judgemental.  They are not legal advise sessions.

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